The United States who lead the world in

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The Cold War was in not really a war.There was no major fighting, but rather a conflict between the East and the West.After the Second World War, the world was divided between the Communists and the non-Communists, the East and the West.The East consisted of the Soviet Union, its smaller countries.

The West consisted of the United States and its Western European Allies.Although no full-scale war broke out, it seemed like the East and West were on the edge of World War III.Both sides preserved their armed forces and developed large arsenals of nuclear weapons.World War II had a particularly heavy blow on the Soviet Union, and when it was all over, conflicting ideas of political and economic groups accumulated strength.

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As time went on after the end of the war, the gaps between the East and the West grew increasingly wider.This separation, and the tension that it created, led to the Cold War. At the end of World War II it was the United States who lead the world in atomic weapons technology.It was proposed that the atomic production eventually become international, however the Soviet Union was apprehensive and refused to accept the conditions for internationalization.No agreement was ever reached, and Stalin had physicists begin working on nuclear development instead.Stalin even went as far to send Communist agents to the United States and Britain.

Then in 1949, the Soviet Union successfully tested theirfirst atomic bomb.The Cold War had begun. During the war, the Allies had agreed to occupy Iran together.However when all troops were ordered to demobilize after the end of the war, the Soviets kept troops stationed in Northern Iran in order to attempt to aid a Communist separatist movement.

Although the United Nations soon demanded their withdrawal, and the Soviets had no choice but to back off.However the United States caused conflict as well.After the war, the United States fi…


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