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The Cold War was already underway during World War II, we the United States were always worried about what the Russians next move would be.

They had violated many agreements that they made with America.America was in great fear of the expansion of the Communist Party inparts of Europe and other areas of the world.Since World War II we the United States have changed ourselves to keep up with the USSR, and other nations, today you can still see many of the changes that we made.Our country in about every aspect of the nation was competing to stay ahead of the Communists and to beat them out in all things.

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Our economic systems also had major changes due to the severity of beating the Russians.Our country's views about Communism was shaped by our battle with the Russians.People who even breathed the word Communism were looked upon as extremely dangerous.During this time our country was in constant fear of anything that had to do with Russia.Even though we did fear Russia we seemed to mimic their actions in many fields.

Our country adopted many of their ways of teaching science.We kept a very close eye on their space program development and that alone brought about huge change in our nation.If one really looks hard at the way we were living life at this time it is hard to find something that we did, that we werenot competing with the Russians in.The government of the United States spread propaganda against the Russians like the Germans did with the Jews.Although we did have reason to alarm the people it seems that we did breed a bit too much fear in the average person about the threat of the USSR.The Cold War with the Russians fostered a fear that has stayed with this country's psyche and is now directed in other ways and toward other nations.

This Cold War really developed a larger concern for our nation to become a "World Police System," that it still seems to be, fulfilling today….


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