The allow retaliation for commoners and slaves.Hammurabi

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The Code of Hammurabi was a brilliant advancement in the development of civilization and a great way of punishment for acts of cruelty.However, they may have been more on the mind of Hammurabi than punishment.There is sufficient evidence that Hammurabi wanted to defend the helpless.In his time it was believed that people were, by nature, not equal.This is obvious in the laws and punishments of the Code of Hammurabi, as they attempt to be appropriate penalties that recognize social ranks.However, Hammurabi did include laws to help protect and allow retaliation for commoners and slaves.

Hammurabi wanted to provide legal uniformity throughout Babylon and help unite the social classes, at least when it came to some laws. The Code of Hammurabi does bring justice for all of the classes of the society, but not equally.The population was divided into three different classes, the noble, the commoners, and the slaves.The king and court, the highest officials and craftsmen were in the noble class.They did have more privilege when it came to the Code of Hammurabi.They get to perform the exact act that happened to them in retaliation.

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However, they did have to pay more money in fines when they broke a law that had a monetary punishment. The commoners in the times of the Code of Hammurabi were the class below the nobles.These people did not own land, but were free.When it came to the Code, they had to accept money for bodily injury, but in return they had to pay fines of lesser amounts.For example, the Code reads in law #200 it says, “If a noble has knocked out a tooth of a noble of his own rank, they shall knock out his tooth.

In law #204 it states, “If a commoner has struck the cheek of a commoner, he shall pay ten shekels of silver."This is discrimination toward the commoners, going against the "eye for an eye" policy that Hammurabi based this code on.It is saying that the nobles are superior to .



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