Clovis died in 482, and hereafter he

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Clovis I, became the King of the Salian Franks in the year 481 AD, at the age of 15. He inherited this position from his father Childeric, who died in 482, and hereafter he began killing off members of his own extended family to reduce the number of men who could battle with him for power.By doing this he successfully united the Salian and Ripurian Franks within thefirst five years of his reign.Clovis than began taking on others that could potentially threaten his people or his authority.

Thefirst of these was one of the last Roman Generals, Syagrius, whom he defeated in a single strife in 4861.This was thefirst of his military accomplishments, but not the last.The next large step taken during Clovis's reign was his marriage to the Burgundian Princess Clotilda, daughter of King Gundevech.The couple married in 493, Clovis already having a son from a concubine named Theodoric.His wife being a Christian, converted all of their children at birth, including theirfirst born, Ingomer, who died in his baptism garments2.

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Clotilda and Clovis conceived four more children, all males and all baptized at birth.These baptisms and Clotilda's influence on her husband pushed him to convert himself to Catholic Christianity.Clovis actually spoke an oath to God during a battle with the Allamannis. Clovis's conversion to Christianity had many affects on the people and territory he ruled.

Thefirst of these affects included several changes within Clovis's own family….


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