The American lives lost in this war had

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The American Civil War was one of the largest in world history.

The number of American lives lost in this war had never been heard of, nor has it been.The fighting that took place tore our nation apart and we still feel the effects 135 years later.This war is so widely written about, that it is nearly impossible to write about everything that happened.That is why I will be writing about the closing days of the Civil War.This is an interesting time, because it is all winding down and you see exactly how it ends.

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The end of the American Civil War was probably one of the most interesting times. The final year in the war started towards the middle of 1864.On March 9, 1864Abraham Lincoln promoted Ulysses S.

Grant to lieutenant general.This left him in charge of the entire Northern army.This is a key point, because Grant was a good general and was able to do a lot with all the men he possessed.This was one of the major transitions into the end.

After he was appointed there was a brief period of time where not much happened.On May 5, 1864, the intense fighting started right back up at the Battle of the Wilderness.Although this battle only lasted until May 6 it was meaningful.It started the fighting again and showed that the two sides had not yet given in.The battle was continuing steadily for the next month and a half.

Three battles occurred in this time frame.A very important event occurred on November 8, 1864.Abraham Lincoln was reelected to the presidency.This was very important because he was so influential as a president it scared the South.He possessed great leadership qualities and was determined to handle the situation.The end of the war was a little over a year away, but you could almost sense how it was getting ready to end. Thefirst major event of 1865 was definitely on February 6, 1865, when Robert E.

Lee was appointed general in chief of the South.It was important because it co…


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