Cloning of cloning on a large scale

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Cloning should never be done to humans or any other of Gods' creations. The internet has many examples of why cloning should not be done. even the encyclopedia has articles against cloning. Cloning is a threat to the human race, immoral, and we should never allow it to take place. First lets talk about Recombiant DNA. The Webster's World Dictionary gave this definition for Recombiant [email protected] "DNA formed in the laboratory by splicing together pieces of DNA from different species, as to create new life forms.

" This is wrong why would anyone want to create a new life form? The effects could be very dangerous the life on the earth. The author on recombiant DNA says: Public reaction to the use of recombiant DNA in the genetic engineering has been mixed. The production of medicines through the use of genetically altered organisms has generally been welcomed.

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However, critics of the recombiant DNA experiments might develop extremely infectious forms that could cause world wide epidemic. In an effort to prevent such an occurrence the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has established regulations restricting the types of recombiant DNA experiments that can be preformed using such pathogens. If the cloning and combing of disease-caused organisms were done, it could cause extremely large amounts of illness and death.

Why would anyone want to inflict that upon the living creatures of our earth? The human race is in no need of new diseases that we haven't got a cure for. What could happen to the human race if man was cloned? Aaron Hawley, a high school student who has researched cloning, put some of the information on a web site. Aaron says, "The largest problem with the use of cloning on a large scale would be the decline of genetic diversity"(

If we do clone humans on a large scale, every clone would be made from the same genetic material. If we s..



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