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The basic idea that is raised in this case is separation of powers. To be more specific we can ask ourselves one question: Is the president of the United States of America immune to civil cases involving the personal life of the president? The two parties in the case Clinton v. Jones are William Jefferson Clinton and Paula Corbin Jones.

William Clinton at the time of the incident was the governor of Arkansas. Paula Jones was an employee of the state of Arkansas. Jones claimed that Governor Clinton had made sexual advances toward her which she rejected. Following the continued rejection of Governor Clinton, Jones was punished by her supervisors. The casefirst went to District Court. In District Court, Clinton wanted to suspend the case totally on the grounds of Presidential Immunity.

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The judge declared that the case shall be put on hold until after Clinton finished his term. The case was appealed. At the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, the court agreed with district court but reversed its decision to postpone the case because it would be an unlawful use of Presidential Immunity. The case proceeded to the Supreme Court of the United States of America with one question: Is the president allowed immunity from civil cases in events that occurred before he or she took office? The United States of America during this time was in a state of awe as the Pathfinder landed on Mars, the comet Hale-Bob is seen, the Heaven's Gate Massacre occurs, sheep are cloned, Mother Theresa dies, Princess Dianna is killed in a horrible car wreck, Taiwan is returned to China, there is peace in Chechnya, and Pol Pot finally goes on trial. The case came as a surprise to the world as all of these things were happening.

The funny thing is that Paula Jones filed the case just before the deadline for filing a civil case was over. Across America, this case led to the investigation of President Clinton's personal life by Kennet…


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