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Cleopatra's presence at the river of Cydnus left an outstanding effect on the common people of Egypt. All men and boys could not help but be attracted to her. Cleopatra's beauty and wealth are told to be of great prosperity. When Cleopatra was near, everything was said to seem more beautiful than before, yet the setting was still incomparable to that beauty of her own. Her simple presence would change the mood of any person and leave such a memorable feeling of beauty to whatever place she would come across. When the commoners of Egyptfirst saw Cleopatra's barge entering the docks of Cydnus, they gawked at such splendiferous items as the large purple sails, and the oars of silver. Those purple sails were told to have "made the winds lovesick with them.

" The oars moved to the tune of flutes, which "made the water which they beat to follow faster. Cleopatra herself left the most striking appearance out of all that the barge contained. Her beauty is described to have "beggar'd all description."Items such as her'cloth-of gold tissue' and her'delicate cheeks' contributed to her remarkable beauty. The effects of Cleopatra's presence at the river of Cydnus were a very large amount of attention, especially from the men and their boys. They could not help but to look at such a marvelous beauty. The legendary Marc Antony was even said to have gazed in her direction.

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Cleopatra was said to have "cast her people out upon her." Such a'rare Egyptian' Cleopatra was. Cleopatra's arrival at Cydnus had stopped all work – everything was suddenly about her and her only – nothing else mattered. This one woman alone changed all of her surroundings, with simply her presence. Such an incredible feat could only be dreamed about in those times, as well as those of our own. Truly, Cleopatra was a very remarkable and highly admired rule.



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