Civilized Features

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I think that the eight features; art and artitecture, social class, writing, advanced cities, specialized
workers, religion, public works are the roots of civilized people. They helped people progress
Over the centuries people settled in stable communities. Their tecnology, enviroment, agriculture,
and way of life became more complex. This became known as an advanced civilization. Each feature of
civilized people helped changes occor in the communities. Making the cities more elaborate and advanced.
I think that social class was a very important root of civilized people. I think this because social class
determined who and what their jobs were. In result adding specialized workers and making public works available
I believe that every feature of civilized people was built on another feature of civilization. I believe this is true
because without people we would not have advanced cities because people were the key thing to getting the ideas
out into the open helping to a civilized cities we would not have specialized workers. For specialized workers helped
improve the city with different things such as hunters and gathers, traders, government officials, and priests.
I think that religion was a very important feature of civilized people because it helped the city stay stable and structured making them seem prepared and strong to outsiders. Religion had different gods depending on the area that helped cities with their problems such as floods, and other natural disasters because the people believed that the god’s
did that for a certain reason and it would help them get more organized to please the gods and themselves.
Writing was very important to the roots of civilized people because writing helped people express themselves
and write down the history of their people. Without writing I think that people could not improve their civilization because it hel


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