Civilization just like we use today. The

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Civilization is the ways of life started by people who live in cities.

Our culture today is influenced by ancient civilizations.The three major early civilizations that have influenced today's cultures are the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Sumerians. Civilizations are more complex than just having a cultured atmosphere.Everyone has a type of culture but not everyone is in a civilization.A civilization has a certain way about it.The people act together as a group.The people have a type of writing, a form of government, they are commercial, and they have some type of permance.

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One of the major aspects of a civilization is food production. For example, the Sumerian civilization came up with their own form of writing and they trained people to write.They came up with the sexigecimal counting method which is used on a daily basis.These methods helped them keep records and establish a form of government.The Sumerians also had thefirst legal system called UR-NAMMU, better known as Hammurabi's code, which was based on justice.They used judges just like we use today.

The Babylonians started the most complete legal system like what is used today.The Babylonians came up with a national god, which unified cultures all over.This belief is used by many religions and is the main belief used today.The Babylonians came up with thefirst type of irrigation system on the Tigris/ Euphrates Rivers. They use this for their food and so they could have a surplus of food.They had architecture made out of mud and brick.

The Egyptians were very smart people.They built pyramids to bury the dead pharaohs in and they painted the tombs.They also decorated the inside of the tombs with gold and other valuables to help them get into the after life and so they would have their riches in the after life. They built sculptures that were massive and square.They had different gods for sky, eart…


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