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Was the Civil War un-avoidable? Was there another solution, or was it inevitable? These questions have one definite answer. The answer is "Inevitable". What were the causes of the Civil War? Most people think of slaver when that war is mentioned. Even centuries later, we still debate the cause of the Civil War. With most wars, there isn't just one problem, but several complicated issues.

The main issue was slavery! President Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery altogether. There was a tremendous amount of political opponents to this. In a speech made by president Lincoln "I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.1" The only problem was: the south needed slavery for their economy. They felt that without slavery, their economy was doomed to fail. Although, slavery was the main cause; some states w anted to secede.

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They wanted to secede because of two reasons: slavery was needed for the southern economy, and the southern were pro states rights. They thought the federal government –and president Lincoln- had too much power. When Lincoln came to office, the confederate states thought they were doomed; although, all Lincoln really wanted to do was stop slavery from expanding into free territories. In 1793, a man by the name of Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin. This made it easier to mass produce separated cotton.

This invention made southern crops very profitable; all they needed were hands to pick it. This led to increase in slave labor, which perpetuated more civil disobedience in the southern states. The confederate states couldn't just give up slavery outright. They felt it would have ruined the southern economy.

They would no longer have the people to pick cotton, and white people thought they were too good for that. The north industrialized, and didn't see the need for slavery anymore. The democratic party was mostly made up of slaveholders. W…


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