The the South could not blockade there trade.

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The South is fighting on their own land, but will time take a toll on them. How long this war lasts, might end up determining who will win this war. The North has 22 million to the South 9 million which doesn't include the 4 million slaves they have. That is one of the big advantages to the North but it will take time to train them and suit them up for battle. Then another major advantage is that the North has 85% of the factories to the South's measly 15% .

Transportation would be a key factor too wouldn't you think? Well the North had 20,000 miles of the train tracks to the South's 9,000 miles. The North had wider gage track and the carts were wider so that means they could haul more troops, and the South had older train tracks that was a skinner gage, and older. The south did a lot of trading with Europe for food, cloths high quality goods because they were more experienced at them. The North had a different plan for the South's trading the took the Navy and blockade all the South's ports to trade with Europe. Pretty much they were smoking the rat out of the hole just takes time. No food no clothing etc†what is the South going to do. They North had no problems with trading because they traded with the West so the South could not blockade there trade.

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I think one of the biggest factors of this war is money the North had lots of banks plenty of money to supply the war. In fact it was $189 million to the South's $44 million. On the other hand look what the South had. Excellent leaders for war guys that could handle guns.

Kids in the South they handled guns and learn how to shoot them when theyfirst could pick one up. The South had Military schools to, which the north did not the north did not have as big as a military tradition as the South did. One of the big Factors is that the South was on there land, the land they know so well.

So they were playing a defensive war which did not…


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