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It was 1865, the Civil War had ended and President Abraham Lincoln has been assassinated.Lincoln had been the moderator between the extreme beliefs of the Republican majority in Congress and the liberal ideas of the Democrats or Confederate sympathizers.

None the less Reconstruction needed to begin as soon as possible. The South needed to be rebuilt, economically as well as geographically; the Union would haveto readmit all former Confederate states in order for the reconstruction to begin.Lincoln's point of view had been that the South deserved to be readmitted. Others, such as Congress, felt like the South should pay for their rebellious behavior. They felt this way because they were afraid that the South would rebel again.

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There were many different ideas on how the Reconstruction for the South was to be dealt with, but the most important were Lincoln's Plan, Johnson Plans of Reconstruction, and the Radical Republican Reconstruction. Lincoln's Plan consisted of two major points: the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, which included the Ten Percent Plan and the acceptance of the Thirteenth Amendment. The Proclamation of Amnesty stated that "before returning to the Union, the Confederates would take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States of America and the Union of the states there under".Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction was to readmit Southern States on liberal terms, and offered a 10% plan. This plan allowed southern states to reenter the union and develop a state government as soon as 10% of the state’s population signed a loyalty pledge however Congress wished to be more severe.

Lincoln might have been able to carry his plan through but he was killed shortly after the beginning of his second term in office. Andrew Johnson, the successor to Lincoln, initially showed views on Reconstruction similar to those that Lincoln had …


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