Civil Army. When this happens the Union’s

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Civil War Prediction It is after close observation of both sides that I have come to the conclusion that it is the Confederate Army who will win the Civil War. The South is blessed with superior leadership and a greater motivation than the North could ever hope for. In addition, intimate knowledge of the Confederate territory will give the South a clear advantage in battlefield strategy.

The poorly trained Union Army will eventually be worn down by the South and forced to surrender. The Confederate Army is blessed to be commanded by the most experienced generals in the United States. The finest military leaders in the nation are Southerners, because theSouth has a long tradition of military pride and training, even among the elite. The Union's advantage of having more troops will be squandered by poor strategy and bad organization due to mediocre generals. Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and "Stonewall" Jackson will be capable of concentrating Confederate troops to defeat the disorganized Union Army.

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When this happens the Union's large army will be nothing more than a group of defenseless Yankees being sent out to the slaughter. Union leader will have a great amount ofdifficulty when it comes to navigating in the unfamiliar Southern territory. Union troops will not have maps that will accurately detail the topography of the Southern landscape. Confederate generals have intimate knowledge of the land that will allow them to dictate the locations of the various battles that will ensue. This advantage gives the Confederate Army the ability to concentrate their limited amount of troops and supplies and attack the Union troops with extreme accuracy. Once the Confederate Army dictates the location of each battle, they will be able to fight a defensive war. The spread out Union Army will have a struggle locating the well hidden Confederate Army and they will have problems .



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