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During the Civil War, there were many difficulties handed to the south by the Union.Export ships, non-slave labor, and grain production were just three of the many things that the Confederates lacked during the war.

The advantages of the north against the south during the Civil War were manufacturing, iron production and their population. To begin with, Manufacturing was an important part of the Civil War. The south only had one fort while the north had many of them and tons of manufacturers. Manufacturers played an important role in the Union overpowering the south because of the making of vehicles. The south had to use the same vehicles for war while the north could constantly be building new ones.

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Also, they built supplies in order to give the Union a power boost. These supplies could have included armor, clothes, tents, etc. Anything needed by the north was made instantly thanks to manufacturers. Secondly, a beneficial advantage the Union had over the south was iron production.More weapons were being produced to replace broken or damaged ones. These weapons included rifles, bayonets, and cannons.Also, iron production meant that the Union's forts would be made using iron.Stronger forts meant more protection from enemy fire and infiltration.

This was crucial if they wanted to protect their people and their soldiers. Therefore the Union outsmarted the south in order to get closer to victory. Lastly, a higher population means that the Union would have a much higher soldier count than the southern states. This gave them the advantage in military power because they could outnumber the southern armies in no time leading them one step closer to victory in a shorter amount of time.

Also, if anything should go wrong during the war, they could call back for reinforcements, another advantage of having a higher population than the south. If for some reason the Union would fall in war against the …


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