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The Primary Cause of the American Civil War: Economics More than one million people dead and a nation torn apart."A fight against slavery" it was said, but was that the main reason the war was fought? Or is that just what our nation says to glorify our past?There were many factors that contributed to the United States' Civil War, but the main reason for the war can be attributed to the economic differences between the Northern and Southern parts of the United States.

There were a variety of differences or outcomes that resulted because of the diversity from north to south.They ranged from the different crops to the tariffs imposed on them.Economics can be defined as "the science which studies production, distribution and consumption of commodities" or as "the study of the impossible-unlimited wants and needs fulfilled with limited resources." These differences started when the United States was just forming. The makers of the Constitution specifically avoided dealing directly with the morality and legitimacy of slavery due to the fact that it was (at the time) an essential part of their economy (or so they thought in the south).

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With the advent of the Industrial revolution (the 1820’s, 1830’s, and the `850’s) the north began to embrace manufacturing, while the south supplied the great demand for cotton in the textile industry, which in turn caused their plantation culture to spread.There was still some agriculture in the north though.In fact the majority of the north was still agricultural, but they grew different crops such as: grass/grazing of cattle, the growing of grains, and dairy.However the shipbuilding, iron working, and textile industries were the ;New Economy.

;As more industry spread throughout the north, the north and south became much more polarized and seemed to be heading in opposite directions.The south on the other hand became ..



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