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7 Most Important Differences between Nationality and Citizenship

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3. Nationality of a State includes all persons who are political members of the State and who owe allegiance to the State. 4. A person may continue his nationality, even after he loses his citizenship. 5. Nationality is not accompanied with the residence. An Indian, working in Gulf countries or in America is called as […]

8 Most Important Differences between Law and Morality

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Eg:- UN enforced economic sanctions on Iraq. UN freed Kuwait from Iraq by using force. 3. It is heteronomous (being imposed upon men upon the outer life of men). 4. Law regulates State relations with others. 5. The legal duty involves a corresponding right and such right is enforceable. 6. Legal rules admit in principle […]

5 Main Differences between Bail and Anticipatory Bail

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(2) The provisions relating to bail were contained in the old Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 also but there was no provision for grant of anticipatory bail in the old Cr. P. C. Therefore it is relatively a new concept incorporated in the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. (3) Bail may be granted to the […]

5 Most Important Differences between ICCPR and ICESCR

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3. The rights incorporated in ICCPR are negative in character just like the provisions in the penal code of a municipal law. The Indian Penal Code defines and narrates different offences, which are prohibited. In the similar way ICCPR defines and narrates certain things not supposed to be done by the States. 4. The judicial […]

14 Important Differences between Administrative Tribunals and Courts

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2. It deals with only the service matter. 3. The members need not be a trained person in law. 4. The decision is subjective. 5. It is more rapid, cheap and efficient. 6. It is a new trend in the world, including India. 7. It solves the service matters basing on departmental policy and technicality. […]

12 Most Important Differences between Public Sector and Private Sector

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3. The surplus money/profit accrued can be invested for the social welfare activities and better services. 4. Public sector cares environment, people, employees, neighbours, etc. Its objectives are multi-faceted. 5. Such type of wastages is not adopted in public sector. 6. The objective of reduction of disparities in income and wealth can be achieved through […]

4 Most Important Differences between Fraud and Misrepresentation

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3. If the aggrieved party had the means to discover the truth with ordinary diligence, contract will not be voidable. 4. The other party can rescind the contract but cannot claim damages. Fraud: 1. A misrepresentation of facts with full knowledge that it is not true, with an intention to deceive the other party. 2. […]

5 Most Important Differences between Sub-Agent and Substituted Agent

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2. There is no privities of contract between the sub-agent and the principal. 3. A principal cannot sue directly the sub- agent except when he was properly appointed and he commits wilful wrong or fraud. 4. The sub-agent works under the control and direction of the agent. 5. The agent is responsible to the principal […]

7 Most Important Differences between Coercion and Undue Influence

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2. It entails use of physical force or threat, to cause consent in a con­tract. 3. Relationships are not implied. 4. Onus to prove that coercion was used to obtain consent lies on the partly who is complaining or the aggrieved party who is entitled to set aside the contract. 5. If the aggrieved party […]

14 Major Differences between Public Corporation and Government Departmental Undertaking

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2. It is a purely commercial. 3. It is an autonomous body. 4. Examples: ONGC, RTC, LIC, FCI, Damodar Valley Corporation, Air India, etc 5. There are two different basic concepts in the management of public corporations, viz. autonomy and accountability. 6. The structure of the public corporation cannot be amended by Government itself. The […]

Useful Essay on the Male Reproductive Organs (750 Words)

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This optimal temperature is ensured through the interplay of temperature receptors and cremaster muscles. When the temperature outside the scrotum is suboptimal than: the muscles under the skin of scrotum contract, drawing the testes close to the body. In contrast, when the considerable amounts of heat are generated within the body than the muscles of […]

Useful Notes on Short-Run Equilibrium of Competitive Firm – Incurring Losses

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= Average Cost x Equilibrium Quantity – Price x Equilibrium Quantity = BQ x OQ – OP x OQ = Area (OABQ – OPEQ) = Area (APEB) Fig. 10.4: Short-Run Equilibrium of a Competitive Firm Suffering Losses The competitive firm suffers losses in the short-run, when it cannot cover the full average cost (AC). In […]

What is the Impact of Government Policies on Consumer and Producer Surplus under Perfect Competition?

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= Consumer Surplus + Producer Surplus = CS + PS Now, suppose the government intervenes and imposes price ceiling such that producers cannot sell above the ceiling price. Price ceiling at or above the equilibrium price is meaningless or non-binding. Suppose the original equilibrium is attained at point ‘E’, through the intersection of demand AD […]


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