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The idea that in the economic development of the country the State enterprises would play a predominant role took root with the adoption of a socialist pattern of society in the second Plan. The growth of public enterprises in India has taken place in two ways: (a) by nationalising existing enterprises and (b) by starting […]

Socialism the gaps in the industrial structure. Its

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Socialism is largely a misnomer in the case of India, except for Government ownership in industry and commerce. India is still primarily an agricultural country and the distribution of income depends mainly on the distribution of agricultural property. Although there have been some attempts to distribute land to the poor peasants, land remains unequally distributed […]

However question of ratification.” We regret that for

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However it has been stated that failure to register a marriage will not affect its validity. Laws which provide for the voluntary registration of Muslim marriages are in force in the States of Assam, Bihar, Orissa and Bengal. Among the Parsees and Indian Christians the registration of marriages is compulsory. Registration is also compulsory for […]

Secondly, seem to be very convincing to

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Secondly, private undertakings in India have been operating in an environment of taxation. The heavy burden of taxation has acted as a disincentive to increased production. By immobilising funds which might have flowed into private undertakings, it has acted as a brake on industrial growth. Thirdly, big business is subject to a large number of […]

There attained the age of 15; (ii) That

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There are large scale violations of the Act particularly in the rural areas. The non-cognizable character of the offence is a serious hindrance to the effective enforcement of this law. The State of Gujarat amended the Child Marriage Restraint Act by making it a cognizable offence. Provisions have also been made for the appointment of […]

Thirdly, undertakings, developmental rebate, abolition of bonus

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Thirdly, the Indian market is completely sheltered since the policy of developing indigenous resources led to almost total banning of such imports as might compete with the products of local industry. This is a further reason why the private enterprise has been able to make good profits even when some of their products were substandard. […]

One Apart from the Sarda Act, the

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One of the ‘adverse a consequence of child marriage, as realized by the reformers, was early consummation, with disastrous effect on the health of the young wives and their children. An effort was made in 1891 to prevent early consummation by the Age of Consent Act which prohibited consummation before 12 years. Due to lack […]

Organisations are considered the most valuable asset

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Organisations able to acquire, develop, stimulate and keep outstanding workers will be both effective and efficient. Organisations that are ineffective or inefficient risk the hazards of stagnating or going out of business. Human resource thus, creates organisations and makes them survive and prosper. If human resources are neglected or mismanaged, the organisation is unlikely to […]

A. be motivated to offer fellowships to post­graduate

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A. Representation should be given to people from Industry and Government—on various academic bodies like Board of Studies and Research Boards. Besides, individuals from each side should interact frequently, discuss and identify areas of mutual interest. B. University science and engineering departments should establish visiting committees with strong participation of industrial research and development managers. […]

These physical resources”. In the words of

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These processes include human resource planning, job and work design, job analysis, staffing, training and development, performance appraisal and review, compensation and reward, employee protection and representation and organisation improvement”. According to Dale Yoder, “the management of human resources is viewed as a system in which participants seeks to attain both individual and group goals”. […]

A supersonic fighter aircraft, heavy electrical transmission

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A number of research organisations financed by private endowments, industry, professional associations, universities and centres of advanced learning, too, have been occupied with scientific research. Typical examples are: The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai; The Bose Institute, Kolkata; The Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleobotany, Lucknow; The Ahmedabad Textile Industry’s Research Association, Mumbai; The […]

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The institutions of higher learning—the universities and colleges, come into contact with students in the formative stages of their life. The students not only study the prescribed syllabus but also acquire the intellectual equipment with which they face the problems of life. One of the persistent life problems before them is to enter into the […]

Each be necessary. Thus, a number of economic

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Each of these external factors separately or in combination can influence the HRM function of any organisation. The changes in the external environment of an enterprise have a profound impact on its personnel. These changes include technological obsolescence, cultural and social changes, policies of the government etc. The external environment consists of those factors that […]

Creativity man, banker, farmer, carpenter, veterinarian, policeman,

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Creativity research has yielded results which provide counsellors with some very useful guides for maximizing the usefulness of existing instruments such as the Strong Vocational Interest Blank, the Allport-Vernon-Lindzey Study of Values, and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. Some of the most useful research findings involving these instruments come from the studies of MacKinnon (1960) […]


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