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Esquel Case Notes Esquel’s social initiatives are ethics, environment, exploration, excellence and education. There was one thing in the case that really stood out to me and let me know that Esquel’s social initiatives are aligned with their strategic goals. Or at least the company is taking significant strides towards the alignment of their company goals and initiatives. Towards the end of the case it is said that in December 2006 Esquel was award the China Social Compliance Enterprise Certificate for compliance to social responsibility management that also takes into account the laws and regulations of China and international standards.Some of Esquel’s strategic goals included investing in IT and integrating supply chain management, the opening of Knit factories and investing in applies advance RFID tags. Another very important strategic goal of Esquel was its decision to invest in the city of Gaoming. This was probably the most important and efficient investment.

Esquel helped develop this city to where most of the jobs came from the company.With the development of their strategic goals Esquel also developed a strong corporate culture, which emphasized ethical business practices, improvement and continuous creativity. As you can see these strategic goals are most definitely aligned with the social initiatives of Esquel. I think that some of the decisions that they made like there investments in IT did not seem like they were in line with the social initiatives at first but after thinking it over I believe they are.I think that that adding innovation, green initiatives and evaluation would be beneficial for the company.

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By adding innovation as a social initiative it will allow the company to spend more time thinking and creating ways to further the business and improve. No matter how good something is there is always room for improvement. Secondly, green initiatives it was clear in the case that through the years Esquel adopted a healthier way of doing business but I think by including them in the environmental initiatives this could improve the company


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