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November 9, 2000During the conversation with Booker Page he exhibits different qualities. Some of the qualities that he exhibits are work oriented, caring, and goal management.Booker shows that he is work oriented because of his long dedication to working on a ship. This is also evident when he talks about how the ship has a calling and once you work on the ship it is hard to quit. Bookers dedication is also shown because of how many years he worked on the ship. He also talks about how life has changed on the ship during his thirty-year career.Page shows that he is a caring individual in the way that he talks about his wife. An illustration of this is when he would wait for five hours to call his wife.

He also shows that he is a caring man because he ended up leaving the sea for his wife. Page also exhibits a great deal of love and affection for his wife. An example of this is when he saw his wife for one night while being docked in Sa vana.Booker shows that he is very good at the task of goal management. One of the ways that we can assess that he was very mindful of his future is the way that he saved his money. He kept on working on the ship for as long as his body could handle it.

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After he finally gave up working on the ship he became a taxi driver. His life long goal was to save up enough money to move to the Pacific and have his own schooner.With all of the steps that I have outlined above it is not hard to tell that Booker Page was a hard workingman. If he didnt think out his career plan he would not have had the success that he might have had.English Essays


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