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He bought his Kensington home for 128 million dollor (nearly 5 million India rupees) from Formula One boss Bernie Eclestone. Such is the status and reputation of Laxmi Niwas Mittal in the world. In today’s world not all get to live their dreams, but then you have to dream.

Laxmi Mittal is one of those who dream and try to fulfill those dreams. In India, he is better known as the richest Indian but in the world he is known as the person who has chased only one dream with firm determination and single mindedness that was to create new architecture for steel business. He has been crazy in buying and acquiring one steel firm after another.

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Every acquisition has been a golden moment from the time. He took over an oiling plant in Indonesia to his biggest but the International Steel Group (ISG) in the U.S.

A. After buying (ISG) in 2004 he emerged as the biggest steel maker in the world. He bought ISG on October 1, 2004 and presented it to his father who was in Tirupati as a Birthday gift from a son.

He is the world’s biggest steel maker and one of the top five billionaires. He produces 70 million tonne steel every year. He has a gap of 28 million tonne between him and the next guy. Guy Dolle and Arcelor New Mittal is planning to take over Arcelor—A Dutch steel company. It is the next station in the journey of dreams of Mittal.

Though there are problems but we hope that he may do it again. Perhaps that would be his new golden moment. “Raise yourself so high that even God ask what you want” “Only those survive who dare and show courage”.

Mittal Steel: Some Facts Founded Sumatra, Indonesia (1989) Headquarter Rottardam Netherlands Industry Steel Products Steel: Flat, Steel products, coated steel tubes and pipes Revenue 28.132 billion dollar (2005) Operating Income 4.746 billion dollar Net Income 3.65 billion dollar (2005) Employees 179000 (2005) Chairman L.

N. Mittal President CFO and Director Aditya Mittal CEO Malay Mukherjee


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