The life turn grey once again was one

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The darkened cloud over Billy’s head as he walks through the ally-as dark as the night’s sky-that leads him deeper and deeper in to the nothingness of his life just seems to be becoming darker by every minute of every hour of every day.

Until he takes a wrong turn at one of the stops and comes across a Kestrel lying in agony upon the floor of the woods, having tumbled from its nest in the high branches of the trees. Billy’s life was given meaning once again as he took pleasure in the highly professional task of training a Kestrel.Along with the Kestrels presence Billy’s dreams stayed alive and possible. All it took for Billy’s dreams to be shattered and his life turn grey once again was one Jud: “I’d have bloody killed him if I’d have got hold of him this afternoon” “Well what’s he crying about then? ” “Because he’s killed my Hawk instead that’s why” With these words Billy’s dreams were shattered his life would never be the same. Every child looks up to their parents, loves them, respects them and aspires to be like their siblings. Every child except one..

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.Billy Casper. Billy Casper has been given nothing but hatred from his brother Jud who wakes up every morning ready to give Billy another beating, it happened so often now that it had become almost like a daily ritual. Wake up, have Jud sit on you get dressed, have Jud torture you some more and go off to school and work. Yes. That was everyday life for Billy.

That was Billy’s morning ritual. Even his mother was a disgrace. What is a mother exactly? Who is a mother? A woman who gives birth to you and raises you? No.

The meaning to being a mother is one much deeper than Just raising or giving birth to a child. A mother is someone who takes care of their child, picks them up when they fall, and lets them know everything will be alright when they see no way out. A mother is someone who loves their child from beginning to end no matter what. Billy’s “mother” doesn’t give him a second thought, not wanting anything to do with him. Making him work, not even caring enough to buy him a P. E kit that fits. With a brother who loathes him and a mother who doesn’t seem to care for him.

Love him. Billy eventually gave up on the much desired yet knowingly unrealistic dream he had of one day, some day, having a loving family. How naive he had been to believe such a miracle could occur in his life. Billy had soon come to accept that his family hated him after waiting around day after day hoping today would be the day their attitudes changed towards him, until one day the last nail was hit in the coffin that had now become the barer of the last hope of having some sort of relationship with his family.

These words had put an end to all hope Billy had had left in him. Yes he had always known there was a slight chance Jud was not his brother and his mother had had an affair of some sort however he had always managed to push it to the back of his head, convincing himself it was not true. However hearing it come from someone else made it seem that much more real. Billy is treated immensely poorly by his teachers at school.

All the teachers see Billy as a pugnacious boy who is goaded much too easily.


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