Before World War II broke out the world took a wil

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d ride during Hitlers rise to power.

The entire world didnt think that he would become as powerful as he became. Hitlerachieved his power by relying on the nerviness of the world to sit back and allow him to
do what he wanted. The world was too concerned about the political, economic and
militant to busy worrying about the Germans who where thinking about ruling the world.

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Before and during the war, the world was concerned about the economic system. Ever
since World War I, the world countries have been in and out of depressions, no one
wanted another war. The United States, which was in the Greatest Depression of all, was
its a big problem itself. The US didnt want war, especially after the last one they fought
with huge causalities and huge amounts of money spent. The citizens of the US didnt
want another war because they knew that another war would cause another depression
and that was something that the people didnt want. Even thought the war would create
jobs, and put the economy back into a war boom, the American public didnt want to
have to deal with the downsides of a war. The major downside being the huge economic
toll it would take on the government, which would be fighting on two oceans on different
sides of the world. It would become very costly to maintain war and win too.

The world also had enormous political concerns. The US was in a period of major and
they wanted no part of anything else in the world, except the Western Hemisphere. With
Germanys rise of Nazism, the world responded with fascist parties popping up in every
nation across the world. Hitler has spread his beliefs into every county in the entire world,
exactly what he wanted. These parties responded to every action that their leader took;
they helped him scout out a specific country and infiltrate that countrys government.

These parties believe in Hitler and did whatever he told them to do, including in the
United States. After the countries realized Hitlers power they all formed different
alliances. The Germans allied with Italy and Japan. The US allied with Great Britain,
France, and the Soviet Union. It seemed as though each day another country would sign
up with either side. Sometimes, even, countries would agree not to fight each.
The pre-war and during the war, militaries from all countries fought a war with superior
equipment than in the last war. With the invention of the plane, tank, machinegun spread
war supplies all over the globe and allowed each country to empower itself. The US
prepared for war by passing a series of congressional acts that enabled the war budget to
increase dramatically. These acts also allowed for the US to help other countries without
actually engaging in the war. The US supplied Great Britain with supplies and ships
without ever declaring war on Germany. Germanys invention of the Blitzkrieg they
attacked nations and conquered them in single days. No nation had ever seen tactics like
this before, and they worked for Hitler. Hitlers air force was the best in the world; he had
the most planes with the best pilots. They were unstoppable. Japans increase in military
power proved itself with the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December. Japan showed off its
massive air force that dominated and destroyed the majority of the United States Navy
World War II was a war that brought the world together. Their wasnt a place on the earth
were this war wasnt fought. Their wasnt a place on this earth were people didnt take
sides, whether with the Allies or the Axis powers. The war brought countries like the
United States and the Soviet Union together. However, the war did bring mass
destruction the Europe and the massive demise of the people hated by the Nazis. Hitler
almost wiped out an entire race; however, he failed because the on dominance and
perseverance of democracy upon the world.

World War Two was a terrible and destructive war. Although many dynamics led to the
advent of World War Two, the catalyst of the Second World War was actually the
aftermath of the First World War. The First World War’s aftermath set the stage for the
rise of Hitler.

On Nov. 11, 1918, an armistice was signed by the German commanders in the railcar of
the French commander, Ferdinand Foch, ending the


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