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Becoming a Master Manager Styles of Leadership in the Competing Values Framework In order to be able to solve problems appropriately within a company, a manager has to be able to inspire others to work hard to accomplish important tasks. This process is called Leadership. To be successful in this area, the manager has to find a balance between task and relationship orientation. According to Kenneth Blanchard: “The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority”.

Even though this sounds simple and understandable, it is quite complicated to act in an appropriate way in different situation.To be able to implement the appropriate behaviour, different styles have to be considered. This will be done in the following paragraphs. This paragraph will be about the miscommunication problem between employees and managers. This problem will be dealt with on a Collaborative and a Creative Managerial Behaviour. In each of these two dimensions, two leadership styles will be discussed.

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Collaborate Mentor A mentor is a manager who is involved with what is happening on his department and feels committed to do his best to fulfil his job correctly.For this reason he also feels responsible for the work of others operating together with him. Would there occur a conflict or miscommunication between him and his employees, he would feel empathy and try to work on a solution. It is not common for such managers to endure such conflicts, but if it would be the case, then this would result in a consensus between the two, since the manager feels it is very important to step up and do something about it. He is more behaving on a equal level with other working with him, instead of asking for authority.What is negative about this style, is that the person in charge becomes soft hearted and then may lose grip on the actual work which has to be done. Consequently chaos will take over the work and result in the company going the wrong direction. Even though it is good for a manager to be involved and helpful, but when looking at the negative results such behaviour evokes, it is better to make some changes.

Instead of trying to be everywhere and help everyone, it would be better to centralize this and make people with problems go to him.If it is necessary to give more guidance, then the manager can set dates on which this will occur. Then the manager would still be involved, but also have more structure, authority and time to spend on more important work. Facilitator The facilitator is a manager who is overall democratic and participative. The emphasis lays on teamwork and participative decision making. Since this style too represents a quite flexible working tradition, it may have negative results.

If a communication problem would occur between the manager and his employees, then this type would not have many difficulties in solving it.Due to the fact that he is fairly close with the other employees around him. He is process oriented and therefore knows what is taking place on his department. However, as stated before, this can have bad influence on the work done. It would be better if this type of manager would adapt to become strict.

He would have to make a tight planning, set goals and organize everyone/everything in such a way that all employees will know what to do before a set deadline. Being a team player is good for the employee- manager relationship, but negative on productivity and time management. Create InnovativeThe innovator is a type of manager who has a large focus on change and the creation of new ideas. For such a manager the most important topics are; adaptation, creative problem solving, innovation, and change management. The way in which they work is led by a certain level of unrealistic and impractical way of thinking. When a problem would occur, between the manager and his employees, this type of manager would be able to solve it on a creative and clever manner. It is expected that an innovator would be able to adapt himself in such a way, that will create more clarity and solve the problem.

This person is open-minded and will for that reason not easily get in a conflict. Though this seems so positive, the negative side to this story is that such a manager is most of the time unaware of possible problems. Due to the fact that he is trying to create something new, he will lose focus on practical work. Therefore also maybe even seem to be unskilled and wasting time at work. It is understandable if the employees would feel not listened to. If work cannot be done seriously, the manager will have to change to become more leading.

He has to involve himself more in the actual work and become in charge of planning and organizing. Then people will look up to him, take him serious and communicate more eagerly; since the manager will seem to be sincerely interested and helpful. Broker A manager with this style of behaviour, is characterized by being opportunistic and aspiring. He has the ability to motivate his subordinates quite well. This type of managers are creative, clever and have the ability to visualize possible changes for the good of the company.Even though he is open minded and has the skill to come up with creative ideas, he has also the ability to build and maintain a power base. This means that employees know they can turn to him for advice and task distribution. Compared to the innovator, this type of manager has more grip on planning and organizing.

This means, that whenever there is a conflict, he is able to sit together and discuss the conflict. He is open for new ideas, to implement changes that will ensure proper communication flows. What he does have to change, is his productivity insight.This type of manager tends to procrastinate and focus too much on motivation and inspiration. He has to become a skilled, serious and result focused manager. If he changes his attitude towards this direction, the communication flow in his department will improve significantly. Control Communication problems within a company can be very disturbing especially for the controlling department. In the controlling department a coordinator manage projects, designing work, managing across functions etc.

in order to maintain these points they have to be able to monitor in a proper way.If there is a communication problem between the management department and the employees it means that the managers receive incorrect- or incomplete information. This can result in lower quality and inefficiency working methods. This can also de-stimulate the employees to communicate with the managers referring to improving points or new ideas. In order to improve this, managers should show more interest in employees’ suggestions, improve the ease to communicate to the “higher levels” within the organization (for xample an internal communication program or providing email addresses from all the managers). It should also be stimulated to communicate to the higher levels since some employees do not dare to go the managers by themselves with complaints or suggestions.

For this you can hold meetings or what some companies already do is having a kind of pigeon box where you can put in written complaints or suggestions anonymously. So as manager you should control this problem by attending the meeting, invite the employees to participate.Check the pigeon box regularly and make sure that the suggestions/ complaints will be dealt with and monitor if they have been carried out. Compete The communication problem is also highly important within the compete side of managers. Managers should always work in a way that they try to meet the company’s goals and objectives, this means that whenever there are communication problems between the management and employees’ department, it will become harder to realize these goals and objectives (since all the employees together provides the results the company reach).

The manager should set goals and objectives for the suggestions, ideas, measurements etc. with other words; if the manager has improved the communication between the “higher and lower” levels of a company the manager should for example state that he wants a suggestion from every employee the first week by email. The manager sets goals in order to force the people within the organization to carry out these measurements. When these improvements regarding communication problems are adjusted, it will also lead to a more stable internal organization, this can be seen as an competitive advantage


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