Athens of them and they basically controlled the

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Athens and Sparta were two major civilizations.Each had their own beliefs, morals, traditions, and things that set them apart.They each lived in different areas of the world.Sparta was very isolated, and Athens was a trade capital of the world.They each had their own battles, wars and problems within their respected countries.They both had different government systems as well as intellectual beliefs.

In the end it was this different beliefs and egotistical leaders that would bring both civilizations to their ultimate downfall. Sparta is a great unique nation.They sit inland quite a bit and are isolated from trade and from spread of other countries customs.Around 725 B.C.E.

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Sparta conquered their neighbors, the Messcenians.Then Sparta made them their "slaves."The term they used for them were helots.The helots out numbered the Spartans 160,000 to 32,000.Since the helots outnumber the Spartans by so much, a revolt was inevitable, these revolts led to the emergence of a government called the Lycurgan laws.Lycurgeous came up with this idea of government.

Basically, there were two kings, which were in charge of the military army.The kings had the power to veto each other, so this made it hard for them to "commit" to a war, unless both kings were in favor of it.Next we have the Ephors, there were five of them and they basically controlled the helots.

They Ephors also were in charge of international affairs.The Gerousia were made up of 30 men, and they held all judicial power and decisions.They could not propose or pass any laws.The Assembly consisted of all males over thirty.They were the final authority but in practice, debate was carried on by magistrates, elders, and kings alone, and voting was usually by acclamation.

If you notice there is no real power with any of the executive offices.This was on purpose it factored in a bunch of checks and balances between all parties of…


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