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Athena was born from a mortal woman named Metis, (meaning wisdom) and fathered by Zeus, king of the gods.The story starts off by Zeus taking Metis as his wife.Soon after she became pregnant.The gods Gaea, mother-earth, and the starry Uranus, god of the sky, found out that Metis was with child and gave Zeus some advice.They both told Zeus that Metis would give birth to a child who would come to be wiser and a far better warrior than he.

Under advisement of Gaea and Uranus he swallowed Metis before she could give birth fearing that the child would overthrow him.In newer text, the story of Athenas birth is portrayed with trickery, by a crafty Zeus, in which hefirst turns Metis into a fly and then swallows her.When time came for the birth of the child, Hephaestus (son of Zeus and Hera) took an ax to the head of Zeus and split it open.Again, in newer text, Athena is born inside her father and releases herself with her sharp blade cutting herself out.With a roarin! g cry Athena sprung out of Zeus's head.She was fully grown and dressed in her battle armor. In one hand she carried a shield and in the other a spear and she wore a helmet of gold. Athena daughter of Zeus was very close to her father since she was born from him.

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Zeus grew to admire her. And this is the birth of Athena, goddess of war and wisdom. Athena is the daughter of Zeus.She was very close to her father since she was born from him. This is a story that shows that Athena, like many gods, have petty emotions, like jealousy, and they are not unlike that of mortals.

Arachne was a student of Athena.Arachne was born from a low class family.Her father Idmon, dyed wool for a living.Athena had taught Arachne well in arts and crafts.Arachne would draw a crowd of nymphs every time she started a tapestry.

They would watch with awe as she gathered unworked wool and turned it into …


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