Buddha:Hi it because I can feel all the

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Buddha:Hi and how are we feeling today? Friend:Terrible.Everything is going wrong for me today. I feel as though I am lost and cannot get out of this rut I am in. Buddha:How can you feel as though you are in a rut when it is not really you? Friend:I don't understand..

..what do you mean by saying it is not really me? Buddha:There is no suffering cause you cannot experience the I. Friend:Well, I do not believe that I cannot experience it because I can feel all the pain around me and what I feel inside of me is even worse.I can see myself deteriorating due to my diabetes.I cannot even walk a mile anymore without great pain in all of my muscles.The people around me are experiencing my pain too because they care so much for me and can see how much I am hurting in the long run.

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I am tired all the time and always cranky to others because of it.I am on pain killers, although, they do not really work because I still feel all of the aches and pains.My soul is being torn between me trying to be a good person, however, because of the pain I am in…

.I am becoming intolerable.I cannot do the simple things for myself like eating, washing, and grooming.Therefore, I am causing others to exert themselves for me.

I do not want to be the nuisance and the bother of them anymore…..

I just need to end my life.However, I can not even do that by myself.! Buddha:Are you not worried about your Karma?Does it not concern you that you will be reborn according to your Karma?My Karma will be affected by this too.I know that when you are reborn you there will be some kind of suffering whether it's as hellish agony, human pain and worry or the more subtle unsatisfactoriness of a heaven realm.

If I were to help you end your life then that would affect my Karma if I caused you any sort of pain.Plus, the three forms of craving are annihilation, love and Compassion, and th…


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