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On January, 21, 1793 King Louis XVI was guillotined, after being tried for treason and being proven guilty. During the reign of Louis XVI France suffered from constant economic troubles; the country was always in debt because of the present (Louis XVI and his family) and previous royal family's frequent spending on war and luxuries, in 1788 there was a terrible harvest leaving almost 80% percent of the population poor, starving and unemployed because of unbalanced social classes. For example; during the American Revolution Louis' government gave substantial financial assistance to the Americans.

When the Estates General met in May, 1789, the king insisted that it had one purpose: to solve the financial problems of the government. Although his plans did not turn out as he had hoped and the third estate left the Estate General and later became the National Assembly. The National Assembly became a powerful group that achieved many great things for France. There were three main reasons that help asses why King Louis XVI was executed in 1793; the Jacobins gained more power, Austria and Prussia threatened to attack France, and the Vendee revolt. The Constitution of 1791 marks the end of thefirst stage of the revolution, this constitution includes: the legislative assembly, this was a lawmaking group, to vote for representatives you must be a male and a taxpayer, this constitution also gave strong limits to the power of the king.

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The second stage of the French Revolution is called "Radical Times", in these times the extreme revolutionaries, or radicals, grew stronger. The main goal of this group of people was to bring down the monarchy and establish a republic. A group of radicals made a government called; the comune, this group of people took over.

One of thefirst actions that the comune took was to imprison the king and his family. On September, 22, 1792 the newly formed National Convention met, this was thefi…


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