Today, has been captured by authorities. Last

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Today, in the early afternoon, the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdianand and his wife were assassinated. The culprit, a young man named Cavrilo Princip has been captured by authorities.

Last night, Archduke Franz Ferdianand, heir to the Austrian throne, prepared for his visit to Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia. The visit to Sarajevo was going against the strongest advice of his superiors, mostly because, today, June 28, 1914, is a Serbian national holiday. They gave him this advice because Austrian nationalists viewed his visit as an unwelcome reminder of the occupation of Austria. The Archduke had been warned about a planned assassination attempt against himself, but he would not be deterred.

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This morning before he left to go to the city, he watched army maneuvers, which he hoped would better prepare him for any emergency that presented itself later in the day. We followed the Archduke's six-car cavalcade on its well-publicized route towards the city. As we approached the city, a small bomb was hurled by one of the so-called assassins. As the bomb landed it exploded, injuring one of the drivers, who was later hospitalized for his injuries. The brave Archduke finally awoke to how serious the situation was and finally took some precautions. He changed both the routes and times of the future ceremonies. He found a replacement driver, but the driver was never informed of the changes. When the cavalcade departed, all of the cars drove off except for the one carrying the Archduke.

The unfortunate incident happened when the driver went to reverse he backed into one of the assassins. Cavrilo Princip slowly and calmly stepped onto the cars side running boards and shot the Archduke and the Archduchess pointblank. Princip was captured by the authorities and will be put on trial at a later date.


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