When typed in the assassination of JFK and

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When Ifirst approached the topic of the death of John F. Kennedy, one of our country's most famous presidents a lot of questions came to mind, one of them being, was Oswald the only man involved? Or was his death one big conspiracy? That was the question I intended to answer.On ourfirst day of research I went online and simply typed in the assassination of JFK and was amazed on the results I received. Well over twenty sites were related to the assassination and the conspiracy of Kennedy's death. As I continued to research, I found a website containing some interesting documents on the detail of events leading up to the assassination.

I also found pictures and diagrams showing the area, which is called Dealey Plaza, where the shooting actually took place. These pictures really interested me and helped me get more involved with the research and helped me make my own predictions on the course of events.I must have obtained over twenty pages of information on that one day alone.That night I sat down and read over everything at least twice to get a clear depiction on what happened since there were so many accounts and opinions of what and how it happened. This is a general overview of what happened that day.On November 22, 1963 John F.

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Kennedy arrived at Dallas, Texas around 11:45am, on his electoral battle tour of the southern states.By all accounts the people at the airport welcomed him positively.Governor John Connally, his wife and Jackie Kennedy, accompanied him to the limousine, which led the motorcade through the town.When the motorcade arrived at the Dealey Plaza at 12:30 it turned right from Main Street to Houston Street, then turned onto Elm passing the Schoolbook Depository Building.As the motorcade headed down Elm three gunshots rang out (the exact number was never determined but evidence showed three shots, possibly four) and everyone standing on the street ducked down for cover.



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