War the movie “Schindler’s List”.While reading the book,

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War in almost every aspect has more similarities than differences.Although, there are many differences, war is war.War is inhumane, killing people for reasons unknown to many or even for no real reason at all.War is glorified and it should not be.

There are many down sides to war, many horrible scenes that some people have to remember for the rest of their life.Many people who survive war leave with horrible memories; many people do not even survive.In war, many people are degraded, and have to live and travel in harsh inhumane conditions. In the book Slaughterhouse Five when the war was coming to an end and everything was bombed, the POWs had to clean up the bodies of the humans killed.

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They had to dig holes and tunnels to excavate people who were trapped and died.In "Schindler's List", there was much of the same thing going on.Although there were no bombings, the prisoners of the concentration camps had to dig up bodies.They had to dig up bodies of people who the SS officers killed.The prisoners had to take these bodies and dump them in fiery heaps to burn. During the movie "Schindler's List", everyone was able to see the degrading conditions the Jews had to endure at the concentration camps.

When the Jews had to go though selection, they had to run, naked passed the SS officers and the doctors in order to decide if they were healthy enough to work.If they were not healthy enough to work, they would meet their death at the crematories.The book Night describes the inhumane and degrading conditions in much more detail than the movie "Schindler's List".While reading the book, one is able to visualize with detail the degrading conditions the prisoners had to go though.

The SS officers told Elie and the other prisoners to run quickly and not to be scared, but as Elie put it, it was nearly impossible not to be scared.One could feel Elie's fear durin…


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