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Starting with 1840 all the way to WWII, Asian immigrant groups were recruited as a labor force into Hawaii and also the Western U.S.These groups included Chinese, Filipinos, and Japanese. These ethnic groups were called every derogatory names like “goo-goos” (Japanese) and "monkeys" (Filipinos.)Asian Americans faced challenges of racism through governmental policies and actions in the mainstream starting with post Civil War.As blacks were useful because of the economical benefit and cheap labor as slaves, the Asian immigrant groups were exploited as a cheap source of labor. (Matthaei and Amott)The U.

S. found the Asian immigrants somehow a threat and accused them of taking jobs from the American citizens.Consequentially, they were denied rights that whites in general (Americans and white immigrants) had.

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The populations of California changed dramatically where the immigrant labor force took up 25 % of the population where 10% were Chinese (mostly men).They were forced to work under dangerous working conditions at segments of the transcontinental railroad.Chinese immigrants were subjected to horrible racism and discrimination when they were already being degraded by working for virtually nothing under horrid conditions.They were almost even pushed out of business and the country itself under economic threat and immense racism.

The cruel and inhuman manner they were addressed such as "filthy" or "heathens" and "barbarous" (Matthaei and Amott) was much like how African Americans were viewed and named.The whites saw that their racial purity was somehow threatened by the Chinese men, so then they made laws that made interracial marriages (between Asians, esp. Chinese, and whites) illegal.The government even ratified the Chinese immigration such as the fifty-five-dollar head tax and the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 (A&T) to further control them and their success.All they were t..



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