Is where the farmlands are at, but mostly

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Is women everywhere in the world different? Are women in Vietnam and America have any similarities? Vietnam is such a small country compared to the United States. Texas is about the same size or even larger than Vietnam. Vietnamese women compared to your typical American women are two times smaller, same goes for any kind of Asian women.

Most Asian women are petite, especially Vietnamese because of our dietary habits. Vietnamese women's diet is consisted mainly anything with rice; and rice has little or no calories at all. Like my mother's family back while they in Vietnam, most people make a living from the sea. Most Vietnamese are boat people, they make their living by shrimping and fishing. So their diet would most frequently consist of fish and rice.

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I noticed some Americans don't even like fish, I myself dislike fish. I love all kinds of seafood especially crabs and shrimp but I hate fish.In Vietnam, there aren't that many cattle or pigs because there aren't that much farmland to raise these animals. Vietnam is almost like a big island, it is almost surrounded by water at all sides except the north which is connected to China. Vietnam's land is not so good, most of it is rocky or dry. It is mostly in the south where the land is fertile and where the farmlands are at, but mostly Vietnam has many rice paddies. It is ironic how seafood in America is so expensive but in Vietnam it is so cheap and same goes for meat; it is plentiful here but not over there which makes it kind of expensive but not as expensive as our meat. Vietnamese people aren't food junkies like us Americans either, probably because in Vietnam they don't have much selection of junk foods like us.

To Vietnamese people, junk food would be fruit, especially sweet fruit such as logan. Logans grow on trees, they are kind of like the kumquaits but its shell on the outside is brown and inside…


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