The earth. The earliest societies of human society

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The history of the Eastern Hemisphere was Asia Centered for many reasons.Asia is one of the oldest continents to have found proof of complex societies between 3500 to 500 B.C.E.

They had their own agriculture community and were most commonly found near water sources so it was easier to irrigate their crops.These complex societies were organized, had wealth, social status, paid taxes, had roads, temples, and palaces.They also had writing systems and religions.One of the main reasons the world was Asia-centered until the 1700's was because of their long record of inhabiting the earth. The earliest societies of human society were found in Asia.120,000 to 25,000 years ago Homo sapiens inhabited parts of Southeast Asia.

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These early humans had very good survival skills.They used very sophisticated tools and language.Asia had a very successful agriculture system b 5000 BCE.

It consisted of Wheat, barley, cattle, sheep, goat, pigs, millet, rice, soybeans, mulberry, chickens, bananas, yams, peas, rice, and oxen.With the expansion of agriculture villages and towns came about throughout the Yellow River and Yangzi River valleys.The earliest Dynasty that took control of most of China was the Xia Dynasty. The Xia Dynasty was considered to be one of thefirst attempts to organize public life in China.

One of the reasons for their success was the Yellow River used for agriculture.The founder of this dynasty was Yu.The Xia dynasty encouraged advances in civilization. During this time there was a demand for better tools and bronze replaced wood and stone tools. The Shang dynasty followed in 1766.

During this time there was major growth of cities.Wheeled carts and chariots were invented for transportation.They began sharing their ideas with surrounding neighbors.Arts and Crafts become very popular for trade.

Shang rulers had many military armies at their disposal. The following was the Zhou dynasty. .



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