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The legends of the Ashokan and the Shi Huangdi dynasties are ones that will always be questioned by scholars and historians because of their unique styles to rule such a large area.

And although neither of the dynasties lasted, they both have influences that can be seen in China today.But the Ashokan dynasty is one that has never been able to be duplicated.His concepts of moral persuasion had never been tried before, in China, and they have been written about, and remembered, by Buddhists and Jainists since the end of his reign in 232 B.C.E. Ashoka was a leader who came into his reign with many advantages, and he used them well.When he came into power, many of the surrounding countries were very diverse and vital, with the new religions of Buddhism and Jainism just beginning.

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The old caste systems were rejected, along with quite a few of the strict Hindu ritual rules and ideas.So Ashoka was able to take Buddhism and put it into practice with the people in China.I think Ashoka did a very good job balancing out his power.In order to take over China, he had to defeat the Kalinga empire. which showed people his strength and force.Yet after he received that power, he moved on to gain respect.Putting up his pillar edicts, in my opinion was a great way to get people to really think about their morals in the way they live, while also informing them that he wanted to be a just, fair leader.

In days like those, when they didn't have many forms of mass communication, that seems like it was a very brilliant way to reach the people of his empire. Ashoka also took very good care of his people and their land.Not only did he care about making money for himself and his empire, like most leaders did, but he actually cared about the people he was leading.There were not many rulers at that time that would have dug wells, and built inns along the road for travelers.Ashoka wanted people to live with respect and love t..



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