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The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, better known as aids is the most deadly disease known to man today. There are approximately 20 million people living with aids in the world and the number is growing. The epidemic is sweeping through the continents of Africa and Southeast Asia.

There is currently no vaccine or cure for aids. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the virus that causes aids. HIV is a virus that attacks the cells in your body that are supposed to prevent you from illnesses. CD4 or T-helper is white blood cells in the body that fight off bacteria, viruses, and certain types of cancer. Since CD4 cells fight off viruses and infections from your body, when your CD4 count becomes low you are prone to infections and cancers of the body. Diseases like Dysplasia can lead to cervical cancer in HIV+ females which is life threatening. Other illnesses include PCP, pneumonia. You are diagnosed with aids once you CD4 count are 200 or less.

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Basketball Legend, Magic Johnson has kept his CD4 count above 200. This is why he has not developed aids since being diagnosed with HIV twelve years ago. HIV can be transmitted through various forms of bodily fluid contact. The most common way HIV is transmitted is unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse. Oral Sex on the genitals with no barrier is way to transmit the virus. Sharing drug injection needles is way to transmit the virus.

You can contract the virus by being injected with a needle with contaminated blood or unscreened blood transfusions. It can be passed from a mother to her baby is she is HIV+. Aids can not be transmitted through casual contact.

There are actually two types of HIV known in the world. HIV-1 and HIV-2 both transmit through sexual contact but HIV- 2 is less easily transmitted. People often refer to HIV-1 when talking about HIV.

The subtypes in HIV are separated into two groups. Group M and O contain different HIV strains. Ten subtypes belong to group M, cla..



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