The plan was bicameral. Bicameral each state

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The structure of the Articles of Confederation were weal and failing because…

· There was only a unicameral legislature so there was no separation of powers. · The central government was to weak since the most of the power was in the hands of the states · The congress did not have the power to tax anything, which meant they could never put there finances in order · Also even if you wanted to change the Articles you would have to get a unanimous approval of the states which was impossible · For any major laws to pass 9 out of the 13 states would have to agree on it which was very difficult · Congress did not have the power to commerce, which caused competition between states and diplomatic issues. The New Jersey plan was a unicameral and the New Jersey plan was bicameral. Bicameral each state is represented equally but in unicameral each state is represented by its population.

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Each state had equal representation in congress. The New Jersey plan offered multiple and expectative to be selected by the congress. The national laws apply to all state laws as well. Why This Plan is More Fair than Virginias The New Jersey plan is a better type of government than the Virginia plan in many different aspects. The New Jersey Plan is unicameral which means each state is represents equally in congress. But the Virginia Plan is bicameral which means that the population of that state represents each state in congress. In this case New Jersey is better by giving each state an equal chance no matter what your population is. The New Jersey plan also has multiple expectative to be selected by congress, but the Virginia plan is only single which is not giving each person a fair chance.

Also to prove my point more so in the New Jersey plan the national laws would be supreme over contradictory state laws. In the Virginia…


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