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All of the thirteen states ratified the Articles of Confederation in 1781.This document simply supported the ideas set forth by the central government some time before.The details were not well thought out, as they did not allow for changes in the future.Even though the Articles of Confederation created a basis for a central government, the areas of economic conditions and foreign relations were not sufficiently written or managed to provide growth. Under the constitution, the central government had little power compared to the states.

There was no executive power, really all the central government was, was the Continental Congress with representatives from each state.The "President of the United States" was, in reality, no more than the President of Congress.The lack of management increased when members of Congress failed to attend the meetings.Through Shay's Rebellion it became clear the opinions of the citizens on how the Articles of Confederation were written. The central government had no authority to collect taxes or troops from the states; they had to submit requisitions.The government failed to create a national currency, along with requesting many things.

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The states became inclined to tax each other because of the lack of management present.Because the central government did not have the power to control taxes or interstate commerce they could do nothing about these issues.The states became more like separate countries that traded with friendly neighbors than a part of a nation. The Articles of Confederation also failed to improve foreign relations.

There was a distinct inability to repay the loan from France.This obviously derived from the fact that there was no national currency.Trade with Britain was almost non-existent.Merchants did not support the revolution simply because they did not want to lose their affiliation with the British.As a result of the reduction in tr..



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