From the Articles of Confederation, the United

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From 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an ineffective government, however there were some strong steps taken in the articles to try and make the United States a better country. The articles created a simple confederation of independent states that gave limited powers to a central government. But at the end, the Articles of Confederation didn't help the United States manage. The Articles of Confederation arranged a national government that would consist of a single house of Congress, where each state would have one vote. Congress had the power to set up a postal department that estimates the costs of the government and request donations from the states, and to raise armed forces. Congress could also borrow money to declare war or enter into treaties and alliances with foreign nations. With this power, Congress was able to make the Articles of Confederation look good by signing the Treaty of Paris in 1783. This treaty, signed along with Great Britain, concluded the American Revolution.

Great Britain recognized the thirteen colonies as the free and independent United States of America. However, the most important power was that Congress had the right to obtain territory and control development of the western territories, which was previously controlled by Great Britain. (Doc D) With the Articles of Confederation, the United States was able to break away from their Great Britain and become a free nation, setting up their own government.

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Although the articles set the United States free, it was unable to provide them with a solid government. People like John Jay and James Madison question the Articles of Confederation because of the weak government. (Doc G) There were several problems between the states and the central government.

For example, sometimes the states refused to give the government the money it needed. The government could not pay off the debts it had made during the revolution,…


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