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He deals in things of daily use. They consist of vegetables, fruits, clothes, utensils, sweets, ice-creams, parched grams, soap and toys. He places these things in a large iron tray. The tray is placed on a four feet high cane stand. He does not cover his wares. He keeps them open so that one can see them at a glance. He hawks his wares at the top of his voice.

Hawkers are cunning. They know well how to attract a person. He rings his bell in a peculiar manner. He cries in a strange and sweet manner. He makes strange movements of his body. He beckons to this one. He nods to another. To some he gives a sample.

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To others he gives something to taste. Thus he makes them say “yes, nice very nice”. Thus he gathers a large crowd of his friends and admirers.

As soon as a crowd gathers round him, his articles are sold like hot cakes. His habits are dirty. They are unhygienic also. Flies sit on his sweets and other articles. He has no sense of cleanliness.

Still children wait for his arrival with their money in pocket. The street hawker brings things to our doors. Thus he does a good service to us. But he is not honest. He is a big cheat.

He overcharges his young customers. He sells stale and second-hand things. Inspite of his dishonesty he serves us. He comes to our streets in the burning heat of the sun and the severest cold weather. Rains cannot keep him indoors. We need not go out to buy anything. The hawkers supply them at our doors.

The Municipal Committee has made some rules of cleanliness for him. He is supposed to cover his goods with a clean piece of cloth. He should put on neat clothes. He is fined if he does not care for the warn­ing of the Municipal Committee of the town.

The street hawkers are very popular among women and children in a big city. But they are so dirty that one should not buy anything from them.


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