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Human beings are creatures which are equipped with the feeling of god. And because of this feeling, during the long history of humanity people thought of the god or gods and tried to find a logical answer whether god or gods exist and if there is a god what the god look like. Besides this, most of the civilizations have the faith of multiple gods. The Hittites are one of the examples of these civilizations. But they had had problems with imagining the gods, because it's difficult to imagine something that you don't see. So Hittites thought of gods, as they have human like sights and also they imagined gods as they have relationships with human beings especially with the kings.

In most of the ancient civilizations people believe that there are lots of gods and each god has a constant duty. And they believe that the gods have attendants which serve the gods, so on earth. We can see the figures that reveal this belief on the carvings which are displayed in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. There are some mythical creatures called ugallu, kusarikku and griffon daemons. Ugallu is a composition of human and lion, and kusarikku is created by combining the bull and human. And the griffons are created by the combination of eagle and lion which are imagined to be very strong, and they are also believed that they are carrying the sky. Also ancient people believed that there are human attendants of gods on earth and that gods can rule the vassals by this way.

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In those ages people trust kings because the kings are believed to be the servants of gods. We can examine this in other ancient civilizations like Egypt and also in some Turkish empires which was found in Middle Asia. Although this was the general belief of the citizens, the kings and the queens in those civilizations are inclined to use this to strengthen their position in the society. Because this religion power with the military power doubles the power of the king upon .



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