During World War II, also known as

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During the mid 1900's there was a war, World War II, also known as the Holocaust.

At this time many Jews had been tortured and killed by the Nazis. A few years ago a man by the name of Maurice Papon had been trailed and arrested for being racist against Jews in France. He had tried to deport many Jews and had been caught doing so. This was something that had not been tolerated by many anymore therefore he had been jailed and now he is out. The arrest of Mr. Papon had been a major issue.

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His trail was a six month process and the most expensive in French History. In the end he was charged guilty and sentenced to 10 years in jail. He had been a Nazi and was caught in acting upon it.

Now, five years after his arrest he is out and free. He was released due to the fact that he was too "ill." Many say that he had come out with a healthy smile on his face. The only condition which Papon must follow is that he must get authorization each time he wishes to leave his house. I believe that Papon should not have been released. People like Papon had killed many Jews many years ago and should be punished for their acts. For him to be released is really unbelievable because his acts are unforgivable and the decision should have been more thought out. All in all, the Holocaust was something that many people do not wish to remember therefore when people like Papon try to do similar acts they should not be left unpunished.

He should have been left in jail for his full sentence no matter how ill be claimed to be. …


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