In the Russians which was a Turkish foe.

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In 1914, a massive slaughtering of the Armenian race took place. The genocide of the Armenian race occurred in the Ottoman Empire. This genocide was considered thefirst genocide of modern times. Over one million Armenians were murdered.In World War I, the Turkish government thought the Armenians were supporting the Russians which was a Turkish foe. As a result, the Turkish government transported loads of Armenian people Anatolia. These people suffered massacres and hardships.

In this journey 600,000 to 1,500,000 people were killed. Thousands of Armenians ran away to Russia which they set up the Republic of Armenia under the Dashnak administration. During this period Armenians avoided attacks by Turkey in Russia. Genocide's definition is the persecution or destruction of a national, racial, or religious group for their beliefs. This was an example of genocide for the reason that numerous Armenians were killed for their sympathy for Russia. It is understood that over 1.

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5 million Armenian people were killed from the years 1915-1921. That is over 80% of their population. ]The Ottoman Turkish leader said, "Kill every Armenian women, child and man without the concern for anything." The Turkish government told the Armenians that they had to have weapons for the war effort.

They then claimed these weapons as proof that the Armenians were about to rebel. The strong Armenian men were drafted into the war where they were either immediately killed or worked to death. The Armenian towns were only filled with women, children, and elderly. The Turks told them that they had to be relocated, and to bring only what you can carry. They then lead death marches across Anatolia.

The Armenians were being raped, starved, dehydrated, and murdered along the way.The survivors were abandoned in the Syrian desert, and were killed upon arrival,or somehow escape.This was considered one of the most violent g…


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