For one gave the Turk government an excuse

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For a while Armenians and Turks lived in harmony in the Ottoman empire for years. During these years,Armenians weren't equal and had to deal with certain hardships, but they were pretty well accepted and there waslittle conflict. Things began to change for a number of reasons. Nationalism, made ethnic groupings self-conscious, and the Ottoman Empire began to fall. The only thing holding the Ottoman Empire together was the European powers disagreement on how to split it up. As lots of other Christian minorities gained their independence little by little, the Armenians became more isolated as the only major Christian minority. That is when the conflict began between the Armenians and the Turks. Some Armenians began wanting independence like the Greeks and others had received, while Turks began to envision a new Pan-Turkic empire spreading all the way to Central Asia.

Armenians were the only ethnic group that divided the Turkic parts. Therefore the Turks wanted to eliminate the Armenians completely.As European powers began to ask for a guarantee that Armenians receive better treatment, the government began to treat the Armenians worse. In the 1890’s hundreds of thousands of Armenians died in pogroms ordered by Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

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Turkish nationalists took complete dictatorial control. Enver, Jemal and Talat. They were the ones who masterminded the plan to completely erase the Armenian race. World War one gave the Turk government an excuse to carry out their plan. The plan was simple and its goal was clear. On April 24th 1915, commemorated worldwide by Armenians as Genocide Memorial Day, hundreds of Armenian leaders were murdered in Istanbul after being called for and gathered. The now leaderless Armenian people were to follow.

Across the Ottoman Empirethe same events emerged from village to province. The amazing thing about the following events is that the Armenians hardly put up a fight. For a number of.



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