From ease. The failure of the Armada

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From 1586-1588 King Phillip II prepared a large fleet of ships to sail from Spain to the straits of Dover. The war ships of the Armada (armed feet), were to carry extra soldiers and protect the duke of Parma's Spanish army. The Spanish Armada of 1588 attacked England on July 12th. One hundred and thirty massive ships failed in its mission to end English meddling in Spanish affairs.

King Phillip II of Spain saw England as a dangerous nuisance. King Phillip had many reasons to want to get rid of Queen Elizabeth. For twenty years English ships had attacked Spanish treasure ships and raiding some Spanish towns in the Americas. Queen Elizabeth refused to punish the privateers and would not give the riches back. King Phillip thought that it was wrong to punish the Catholics in England. Also Elizabeth funded money to the Spanish enemies and she had English soldiers fight along with the Dutch rebels.

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Kings Phillip's plan to invade was actually a good plan but it wasn't well thought out by his soldiers. Phillip brought together a large army of soldiers in the Netherlands under the Duke of Parma and then got them ready to invade England. He had a large fleet of ships carry fighting men, equipment and supplies from Spain to the straits of Dover and join up with the Duke of Parma's army.As a result of the Armada England was a much more powerful nation. Elizabeth could be reasonably secure in the knowledge that another invasion was not likely, certainly within the next few years.

The Spanish had fewer ships with which they could protect their trading ships and so English sailors could plunder with greater ease. The failure of the Armada made England a much more powerful nation..



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