Aristotle, are the rational souls; Thus Aristotle

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Aristotle, in Nicomachean book I, says that every human action is intended to some end, which is considered as good. He also discusses that everybody tries to attain a supreme good, which is happiness.

I agree with Aristotle that every human being craves for happiness, which is the highest good and ultimate goal of any activity. In this paper I will explain his arguments and explore the concept of happiness in terms of human beings.Aristotle believes that happiness is the universal goal of every human being; however every person has a different way of achieving happiness. We choose happiness as the highest good because happiness is sufficient as an end in itself, which means that the final answer of any question is to achieve happiness.He further explains that intelligence and virtues are good only because they make us happy.

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According to Aristotle people are judged good or bad by their activity and their function. He justifies his statement by giving an example of flutist; a person who plays the flute well is a good flutist. Playing the flute is the flutist's function as it distinguishes him or her from other people.

The distinctive activities performed by humans distinguish them from other living beings. Therefore Aristotle defines supreme good as an activity of the rational soul in accordance with virtue. We humans are the rational souls; Thus Aristotle describes virtue, rationality and activity as the characteristics of a happy person and claims happiness as the highest good for all human beings.Aristotle says, " But presumably the remark that the best good is happiness is apparently something agreed, and we still need a clearer statement of what the best good is" (1097b22-24). Aristotle means that, it is clear that everybody desires to be happy, but they chase happiness by different ways. I agree with Aristotle's reasoning of the purpose of human nature. Happiness is different.



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