Aristotle’s Meaning of Life

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From reading Aristotle’s philosophies and point of view of life, he gave me the impression that the laws of nature are the boundaries in which humans’ lives and the meaning of life evolves around this boundary. Aristotle strongly believed that humans behaved and lived within the laws of nature and there were no Gods and no supernatural forces that affected the way humans could behave or interact. Aristotelian universe is an interaction between form and matter and that every single thing in the universe surrounded and behaved according to the order and purpose of nature. Aristotle also believed that form and matter are two important aspects to meaning of life and that both form and matter are required in order to complete life. Aristotelian form could be absent from matter but it cannot exist independently of matter. According to Aristotle, form is what makes a substance a substance and matters are the materials required in order making it into a substance. In addition, Aristotle also emphasized that in order to understand what constitute a thing, we have to understand and question the four types of causes behind it: (1) Material Cause, (2) Formal Cause, (3) Efficient Cause, and (4) Final Cause.In material cause, behaviours and structures are being formed and changed. In this stage, I believe that Aristotle wants the reader to understand that everything in life needs balance. Too much of certain thing in life is no better than less of a certain thing in life. Following is the formal cause, which shape starts to form because the required ingredient to make up his or her life has been acquired. Once the shape of life starts to form we get to see the changes being done to the person. This change is being known as the efficient cause. Finally, in the final cause we get to see the point of life through entelechy. Entelechy is very important in all living things in this universe because it give completes growth. For example, a circle reache…


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