Aristotle, to classify animals.Another accomplishment was distinguishing

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Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, was born in 384 BCE in Stagira, in Thrace, at the northern end of the Aegean, near Macedonia..

His father, Nicomachus, was the personal physician to Amyntas II, king of Macedonia.In 367 BCE at the age of eighteen Aristotle was sent to Athens, Greece to attend Plato's Academy.He went to school there for twenty years until in 347 BCE Plato died.At this time Aristotle took Plato's place at the Academy along with Plato's nephew Speusippus and Xenocrates.Later he joined a circle of “Platonists” living at the Assos in the Troud under the protection of the tyrant Hermias of Atarneus.In 345 BCE he moved to Mytilene on the Island of Lesbos.

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Two years later Aristotle reached the court of Macedonia.Aristotle returned to Athens in 335 BCE. He spent the next twelve years running his own version of an academy, which was called the Lyceum, named after the place in Athens where it was located, an old temple of Apollo.In 324 BCE Aristotle was invited by Philip of Macedon to educate the man who would later be known as Alexander the Great.Two years later, in 322 BCE Aristotle died in Chaleis Eubea, Greece.

Aristotle is said to have written over 150 philosophical treaties, thirty of which are still around today.Many of these treaties are thought to be “lecture notes” as opposed to complete treaties.One of Aristotle's main accomplishments was his classification of animals into groups.These groups included blood and no blood, which correspond with our vertebrae and no vertebrae.He also used flying, land, and water groups to classify animals.

Another accomplishment was distinguishing the difference between whales and fish.Many think of Aristotle as the founder of modern natural science.He wrote about 500 different kinds of animals including 120 types of fish and sixty kinds of insects. He used dissection extensively well before anybody …


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