Individuals politics.Aristotle was born in 384 BCE in

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Individuals who possess the ability to lead the thought patterns of the masses shape culture and society and are responsible for the way philosophy is viewed and lived presently.

A figure in the history of classical Greek philosophy is Aristotle.Some of his major contributions to Western philosophy are in the areas of logic, metaphysics, nature, the soul, morality and politics.Aristotle was born in 384 BCE in Stagirus.

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Aristotle had an automatic affiliation with the Macedonian Court due to his father, Nichomachus' involvement with the king of Macedonia.In his early adulthood he joined the Academy in Athens and began to study under Plato under whom he studied with for twenty years.He later began to lecture on his own typically on the topic of rhetoric.Aristotle gained renown and was invited to the court of Philip of Macedonia to tutor his son Alexander. In Athens after the time of Philip's death, the Platonic school was flourishing and the dominant philosophy was Platonism.

This inspired Aristotle to start his own school called the Lyceum where he would be able to lecture on his philosophies.During the following thirteen years Aristotle concentrated on teaching and forming his philosophies.After the death of Alexander, the Macedonian government in Athens was overthrown and there was arose resentment towards anything related to Macedonia.

Aristotle fled to Euboea in fear of persecution but he didn't last very long there due to stomach illness that led to his death in 322 BCE. Aristotle's writings on logic were mainly about reasoning being the primary tool in scientific investigation.He organized a method of reasoning that utilized a series of questions to ask in order to gain the desired knowledge.The questioning was to begin with what the thing was then how much space it occupied, then lastly of what type it was.He regarded substance as the most important element in determining the qua.



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