Argentina the military each year.Many civilians in Argentina

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Argentina is a culture full of growth and new experiences.Argentina is growing very fast.In July of 2002, the population was 37,812,817 but in July of 2003, the population was 38,740,807.The growth rate for 2003 is 1.05% which in 2002 was 1.

13%. Radios are the biggest communication in Argentina.There are known to be over 24.3 million radios in Argentina with over 260 radio stations.

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Telephones aren;t nearly as popular with there only being 7.5 main line phones.There are more televisions than phones but not many more.There are 7.95 million televisions connected with 444 television stations.Argentina does have access to internet but only have about 3.88 million internet users.

Compared to the United States, Argentina isn;t as up to speed but they are very connected to the world. The way people in Argentina get around is the same as the way people get around in the United States but they do a lot more walking, riding bikes, and riding horses.There are a lot of cattle and horses in Argentina because Argentina;s biggest export is beef.There are airports in Argentina but only 144 of them have paved runways and most only have about one plane a month.There are 33,744 kilometers of railways and 215,434 kilometers of highways with innumerable amounts of roads. The military in Argentina ranges with men from any age in between 15-49.The government spends around $4.

3 billion on the military each year.Many civilians in Argentina are afraid of the military because it is known to burn down fields and farms to make sure that the enemy doesn;t get to themfirst.Because of this there isn;t much food in Argentina and many people are starving..



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